The situation in the Middle East with a focus on Saudi Arabia

The situation in the Middle East tension, does not change the world ...

The situation in the Middle East with a focus on Saudi Arabia Month, Saudi Arabia's oil facilities are attacked, that the capacity of the production facilities has been reduced by half. Crude oil prices soaring by this attack, shook the world (the new building). Although armed organization Houthis of Yemen has issued a crime statement, the United States and Saudi Arabia claims that Iran was involved. For unpredictable is the situation in the Middle East in the future, it is important to analyze in light of the history of the conflict structure in the Middle East over Iran. Saudi Arabia and Iran to conflict intensified Iran is the origin of the Achaemenid BC 0 years, built a huge Persian empire in the Middle East. Iranians belong to the Indo-European language family, ethnic and other Arab countries, language, religion, culture, history, etc. differ greatly. Since that has formed the earliest state in the Middle East, a strong national consciousness that the Iranians (Persians) is. Iran's population is overwhelmingly large in the Middle East and the million people (2.

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