The situation in the Middle East with a focus on Saudi Arabia

Middle East ringleader of the confusion of the situation, the limit ...

The situation in the Middle East with a focus on Saudi Arabia Month, Saudi Arabia's oil facilities are attacked, a large damage came out. Nissan 000,000 barrels of production volume, in the situation that decrease of 0 million barrels, which is equivalent to the oil supply of the world. Crude oil prices rose. Trump President, was the impact of much has approved the release of the United States of stockpiling oil. Prospect of the day, Saudi energy phase, production of petroleum Date amount of 00,000 barrels is restored in the month, the day the amount of 000,000 barrels to production capacity end of the month, to reach the same 000,000 barrels by the end of the month showed that. This outlook is seems like a bit too optimistic, it seems to have been the time being the oil crisis avoidance. Saudi air defense system that did not work Problem is, who is either attacked the Saudi oil facilities. Dissidents Houthis of Yemen, but issued a statement that they had attacked, the United States attack is not from the south, as there was from the northeast, has hinted strongly the involvement of Iran.

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