The situation in the Middle East with a focus on Saudi Arabia

Whether the attack to Saudi oil facilities would change ...

The situation in the Middle East with a focus on Saudi Arabia Month and day to have occurred, attacks by drones and cruise missiles to Saudi Aramco oil facility, stopped the oil supplies of the world, not only aroused the anxiety of Saudi Arabia of crude oil supply capacity, the world's largest oil-producing countries , is war by weapons such as drones and cruise missiles in the Middle East, seen as those that significantly change the geopolitical recognized in the Middle East so far, has become a big topic. Then, Saudi Arabia was suppressed panic in the market in that it has announced the early recovery of oil facilities. Although Saudi Arabia in Yemen civil war were planted this attack has been declared target to have Houthis school itself and the thing that Houthis faction went empty curtain, the United States has concluded that immediate attack by Iran. However, the Saudi was damaged while also strongly suggested the involvement of Iran, it is not possible to show conclusive evidence is an attack by Iran, also, European countries also even while acknowledging that there is responsibility in Iran, it's attack by Iran did not assertive.

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